Group Therapies, Self Help Sites, Telephone Support and Social Support Networks

Health Canada

Health Canada’s website has great resources for Tobacco Cessation. Information about by-laws, policies, booklet resources, specific facts and statistics related to Tobacco use, research reports, second hand smoke and tobacco-related disease publications are available for readers free of charge. There is also an area within the site to send in an order-request for Tobacco resources such as posters and booklets.

Population Health Research Group

The PHR’s website has some excellent tools and resources if you’re looking for presentations or posters to bring to your community, co-workers or for yourself. The free and available for download PDF files are all research-based and provide great examples of what to prepare for in terms of living in a smoke-free community.

Lambton Health

Lambton health has put together a list of available resources (videos, toolkits and booklets) available for use.

A Healthy Me

Healthy Me’s website gives the reader an overview of smoking cessation classes; how they can be useful and topics to talk about. A great tool for frontline workers.

American Academy of Family Physicians

This resource is an excellent read for getting your classes started. Although it is offered in the American standard of health care, the content of Smoking cessation classes remains the same. A great start for developing your group sessions.

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

The RNAO’s website has excellent information for Nurses (frontline Health workers, Community Health Representatives) about how to integrate Smoking Cessation into their daily practice. A very great tool! The site also offers a Champions program that trains individuals in community health settings to bring smoking cessation forth in different populations. (Diabetics, new mothers, mental health). Information on workshops available on website.


Habitrol (The Nicotine Patch) website has support resources for those using the patch. Online communities, tips for quitting smoking and areas to track your progress are also available.


Gives the visitor some resources to use along with the patch as well as activities to keep smoke-free.

Smoke Free

Smoke Free’s online resource gives readers a new perspective on smoking cessation. There is also unbiased information for smokers looking into the benefits of living smoke-free.


Treatobacco – the website is a great resource for community health leaders to gather information about research, policies and find research supporting smoke-free living.

Tobacco Lesson Plan

This lesson aims at having students make informed decisions about tobacco use.

Media Awareness

Students identify the activities, lifestyles, and role models that define the "independent man" and the "independent woman" in our society. They analyze cigarette ads which associate smoking with images of independence. (Lesson Plans for grades 1-9).

Education World

Lesson plans and teacher guides about tobacco use in the Country.


Aimed to reach teens who are current smokers as well as discourage those who have not yet started, this program will show young people, in no uncertain terms, that smoking is damaging to their health now – not just years down the road – and that quitting is not only possible, but worth the effort.