Advocating for Smoke Free Communities

Clean Lungs

Letters, press releases, and correspondence advocating for a tobacco free society. Emphasis on what ordinary citizens can do.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

Western Canada's leading health organization devoted solely to tobacco control and prevention.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH –Australia)

Factsheets, letters, analysis, white papers, stories, comments, and newsletter cover tobacco control, tobacco disease, cancer, addiction, advocacy, media, youth smoking, films and entertainment, tobacco policy, and smokefree public places.

Lung Cancer Alliance

Non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with lung cancer improve their quality of life provides resources for smoke-free advocates: legislative news and alerts, events, speakers, and calls for action.

Tobacco Resources

A comprehensive guide to the Internet for the Tobacco Control Advocate by Dr. Larry Breed, Dr PH covers dozens of topics and outlines activism responses to tobacco, with an emphasis on knowledge before action.

Tobacco Free Kids

Working to expose Big Tobacco's lies, the Campaign reveals the truth about the deadly effects of smoking, tobacco's corporate public relations campaigns to convince the public that it is a reformed industry, and the advertising and marketing tactics tobacco companies use to entice youth as their new customers.

Cigarette Litter

Organization dedicated to drastically reducing the amount of cigarette litter through educational campaigns.

Taking on Tobacco

Background papers, analysis, and resources for smoke-free advocacy including workshops, factsheets, letter writing campaigns, and pairing tobacco control groups in the US and Canada with groups in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

Make Smoking History

The site is dedicated to exposing tobacco industry lies and deceit and helping ordinary citizens get involved in the fight against Big Tobacco.


A central place for all tobacco-control advocates. GLOBALink is a clearinghouse on tobacco: News bulletins, Discussion groups, List servers, free web-hosting, free list server.

International Network of Women Against Tobacco

Founded in 1990 by women tobacco control leaders to address the complex issues of tobacco use among women and young girls.

MASCOT Coalition

Statistics, factsheets, and discussion on tobacco policy, smoke-free workplaces, retailers selling to youth, industry quotes on nicotine and addiction, and medical costs due to smoking.

The Shuster Project

Award-winning site examines non-health related tobacco industry fraud and false claims issues, presenting authentic tobacco company documents to illustrate tobacco company policies, practices, procedures and claims. Features grassroots programs and interactive content. Offers a related book for publication.

Timiskaming Health Unit

Supports protection from second-hand smoke, tobacco prevention and reduction, in Timiskaming Canada.

World Health Organization

Report from the WHO Regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region documents tobacco industry front groups, lobbying, PR campaigns, spying on tobacco control organizations, and delaying or blocking anti-tobacco measures in the region.


Leslie Nuchow rejected a lucrative promotion offer when she learned it was from Philip Morris. Then she formed Virginia SLAM! A coalition of musicians, music industry professionals and community activists working against the tobacco industry's manipulation of music to promote smoking.