Asset Mapping

What is Asset Mapping?

Challenging the traditional approaches to solving 'urban' problems, which focuses service providers and funding agencies on the needs and deficiencies of neighbourhoods. Community Assets are key building blocks in sustainable urban and rural revitalization efforts. The practice of Asset Mapping is a gathering of minds in a community to list and define what these assets are; which can be done in various ways.

Community Assets Include:

  • The skills of local residents
  • The power of local associations,
  • The resources of public, private and non-profit institutions
  • The physical infrastructure and space in a community,
  • The economic resources and potential of local places, and
  • The local history and culture of a neighbourhood

A Guide to Asset Mapping has been made available here. Download the facilitation guide and host your own Asset Mapping session in your community. Asset Mapping is also a great tool to visualize the strengths of your community, where your community needs more support and those people available to support such endeavors Include your completed map with a community proposal and strengthen the possibility of being funded!

Asset Mapping is not exclusive; there is no age limit, everyone can participate and the process can be molded to fit your community needs. Perhaps a youth group to discuss sports programming or gather community service providers and find out their needs the possibilities are endless!

Download Asset Mapping Guide