At Work

Health Communication Unit – University of Toronto

The Workplace Health Promotion Project website offers information about training opportunities for the workplace, consultants, resources and information for further research.

THCU offers a virtual community workplace for information about Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion (CWHP) and gives visitors updated information, resources and workshop information all related to Promoting Health in the Workplace.

Ontario Health Workplace Coalition

The Ontario Health Workplace Coalition website has details about how they facilitate communication among workplace health stakeholders and coordinate resources to address duplication and gaps. The Coalition’s mandate is to promote the importance of using a comprehensive approach to create healthy and safe workplaces in Ontario.

Health Action

Workplace Wellness toolkits, The purpose of the Projecthealth toolkit is to support workplaces in their efforts to promote healthy lifestyles. Projecthealth contains information about how to create a healthy workplace and provides recommendations for activities and resources that may be used to promote healthy eating, physical activity and develop workplace policies.

Project Health

Creating a Mother Friendly Workplace –Employers Manual. This booklet is intended for employers wishing to make their workplaces accessible for breastfeeding mothers.

Cancer: Prevention & Screening in the Workplace. This booklet is intended for employers to become better aware of Cancer rates and the screening processes for employees and how to promote health in the workplace.