Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco

This booklet provided by the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco has many counties/regions within Ontario who do have smoke-free by-laws in place. By-laws are indexed by region and include details such as enforcement, fines, boundaries and distinguish between 5 different meanings of 'smoke-free'. More information can be found here:

Tobacco Free Centre

The Tobacco Free Centre’s website has information about international laws in place to protect populations from smoking harm (as well as second and third hand smoke).

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services website has excellent tools for researching bylaws across the country.

Information about Alberta’s Tobacco Reduction act.

Tobacco Toolkit

The Tobacco Toolkit gives readers an overview of all bylaws in Canada, as well as breaks them down to penalties and fines.

Tobacco Law Centre

International Tobacco control laws.

Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada

(Working) Towards effective tobacco control in First Nations and Inuit communities document for review.

Parliament of Canada

The Tobacco Act (Bill C-71) document and descriptions for review.

Bill C-32 an Act to amend the Tobacco Act; document for review.

Research paper on Substance abuse and Public Policy; can be used to support upcoming smoking-ban or public policy notions for your community.

Ministry of Health Promotion

The Ministry of Health Promotion has compared Ontario's smoke-free by-laws. The information is provided for your research.

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

This Ministry has provided detailed information on the Tobacco Control Act, boundaries, penalites as well as upcoming initiatives from the Ministry.

Government of Saskatchewan

The Tobacco Control Act document for review.

The Department of Justice

Non Smoker's Health Act document for review.

The Government of Ontario

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act document for review.

City of Ottawa

Facts about the Smoke-Free Ontario Act; such as smoking on school property, fines and possible charges.

North Bay - Parry Sound District Health Unit

Municipal anti-smoking by-laws, definitions as well as fines are outlined here.

Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

A growing number of communities are passing local bylaws to prohibit or severely restrict smoking in and around playing fields, playground equipment, parks, and beaches. These bylaws have powerful prevention implications that will help keep youth from becoming tobacco users. This site shows the by-laws in place for this region.

Durham Region

An Example of a by-law in development.

City of Greater Sudbury

Example of reporting and supporting a municipalities' smoke-free by-law campaign.

Council of the City of London

Ammendments to a current by-law, resolutions as well as smoke-free by-law development.

Legislative Library of British Columbia

British Columbia is one of several jurisdictions to recently propose or pass bans against smoking in cars carrying children. The report raises questions about similar non-smoking rules, including those in homes, and highlights concerns over health, privacy and the effectiveness of bans.