Community Gardens

Learning how to keep a garden or interested in Community Gardening these sources have all the information you need. Also see the Program Planning section for further information.

Food Share

Offers information to readers about community garden program details. Information about growing food, and the process it takes before it reaches your table. Community Garden newsletter and relevant links to further information.

Edmonton Community Gardens

Looking to get involved with community gardens? You've come to the right place. We're your resource network, here to help you through the process of starting your own community garden or linking up with an existing community garden.

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition

Information on creating a healthy community with equal and shared access to all members of the community regardless of status. Links within the site provide information about specific community garden projects, funding streams and webinars for e-training purposes.

Community Food Security Coalition

Information on program evaluation, links to published reports and resources.

Seeds of Change

Garden Information on when to harvest; what type of vegetable during which phase of the year. Also provides work sheets and further detailed information for school-aged children.

Easy Green Living

Information on finding community gardens in your region, composting, organic gardening tips, as well as ways to incorporate green lving in the home and in your community.

Earth Rangers

A kid-friendly website which provides gardening information about where and how to set up a community garden. Also has information about composting, rainforests and a games area for kids to become more engaged.

Neighbour to Neighbour Toolkit

Provides program information for communities in order to promote a healthier neighbourhood. Initiatives such as community mapping, creating a play, putting together a BBQ for over 500 people and community gardens.

National Gardening Association

Information about gardening in general (maintenance, mulching, etc), getting kids interested, finding a garden or funding stream and reports and publications made available to the public.

Kids Gardening

Many factsheets and lessons plans for kids (ranging from greenhouses to pollinators, harvesting and National Gardening Month activities) as well as resources for parents and teachers, links and newsletters also available.

School & Church Fundraising - Earth Friendly Fundraising

Information on how to partially fund your community garden, school project and promote eco-friendly living.

Weeds and Seeds Swap: Sustainable Community Gardens

Information on maintaining a garden throughout the year, links to grant programs, lists and descriptions of easy to care for plants and herbs as well as tools necessary to sustain a garden.

Garden Burger

Community gardening grants and program information from past recipients.