Community Involvement

Health Promotion International

This website offers publications and research reports about various health-related issues affecting populations across the country.

Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin

The OPHE’s website offers new and innovative information surrounding health promotion issues affecting Ontarians. This particular link looks at evaluating the roles of advocacy and community involvement that affects public policy; a great read for frontline health workers for addressing their own community needs and how to better offer services.

CIET: Building the Community Voice Into Planning

CIET’s website has information for community leaders on how to build your programming based on research as well as capacity building.


Canadaptt’s website and available documents have information surrounding programming development. Topics covered include program activities, evaluation, monitoring, management and administration. Tips and suggestions are also provided.

Delaware Health

Delaware Health’s website has a great section for community involvement. They’ve used their own programming to set as an example for developing a tobacco cessation program through intervention, involvement and advocacy.

Cancer Control

Cancer Control’s site takes a look at tobacco cessation intervention in communities.

Ice-RCI Research

This particular document can be used by frontline health workers when presenting to their own Chief or Council. What’s needed in communities and the steps to get there are covered in this slide presentation.

Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association

AADAA’s website has great information available to readers. This particular document ‘Aboriginal Tobacco Use Strategy’ has information about getting a program started within a First Nation and what First Nations populations need in a program; in their own words.

National Aboriginal Health Organization

NAHO’s recently released booklet for smoking cessation. “Understanding the Benefits of Quitting Smoking” available free for visitors.