Community Kitchens

Want to start a family kitchen? Need a place to find resources and learn how to get your community involved? The sources below have excellent tool and resources for you!

Community Kitchen

Everything you need to know in order to start up and maintain a collective Kitchen can be found in the booklet download. This booklet has information about safe food handling, microwaving your meals and provides other great tips and resources for your Community/Collective Kitchen.

To download the booklet click here.

Fresh Choice Kitchens

Information about community kitchen programming, getting in-food support and funding, equipment and how to run a nutritious program. The Fresh Choice website also has great downloadable resources for initiating a community kitchen in your community.

Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project

Specific program information available.

Community Kitchen Program of Calgary

Great web-source for information on how to make your Community Kitchen program successful, also has links to funding agencies, resources, research reports and newsletters.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Offers instruction on how to start and run a cooking club for children ages 6-11. The manual includes planning steps, guidelines for food and kitchen safety, and sample forms and letters. It also contains 21 lesson plans with recipes and nutrition activities for groups of up to 12 children.

Raven Song Community Health Centre

Collection of resources used by Raven Song Community Health Centre's Community Kitchen. Includes a job description, log book sheet, equipment inventory list, room reservation sheet and a clean-up poster.

Food Share Learning Centre Toolbox

Information about community kitchen programming, receiving support, advocating for your kitchen, making your own baby food and getting the kids involved.

What's Cooking - Community Kitchen Sessions Manual (PDF)

Provides information on how to properly run a community kitchen, kitchen rules, equipment, resources, how to secure food/funding, storage times and some recipes are included.

Abbotsford Community Services - Community Kitchens

Specific program information available, searchable links for funding and resources.

The Salvation Army - Community Kitchen

Specific program information available, searchable links for funding and resources.