Community Programs

Health Communication Unit – Online Health Planner

HCU – University of Toronto

A great resource for frontline workers of health related programming. This site has excellent and current information on how to properly develop your program. Step by step guides include how to make a logic model, setting your outcome objectives, collecting your program statistics and data management as well as other useful topics as choosing the right activities based on your programming.

The Health Communication Unit and the University of Toronto has compiled a great list of resources to use for developing health promotion programming. Topics covered include, group facilitation techniques, handling stress in the workplace and worksheets.

Health Nexus

The Health Promotion Assessment Tool

is intended to help enrich and strengthen online resources collections, new content, and other areas of health promotion practice. It is a checklist that can be adapted and used to map the health promotion content and nature of a resource. That resource can be a collection of resources, a website, or an original document.

Information about community capacity building, using stories to guide action and leadership in changing times are just some of the titles of presentations available for download from the Health Nexus website.

The Community Toolbox

This chapter has 19 sections, to descriptions and tools: identifying local needs and resources, collecting information through forums, focus groups, surveys, identifying assets and resources, dialogues and learning how to gather data and creating report cards. A great tool for community program m evaluation and development.

General Health Promotion Listings


Educational resources for active learning with school aged children.


Variety of resources and programs used by community YMCAs. See website for local Y websites and contact info.

Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Network of community based initiatives targeting Aboriginals on and off reserve.

Research Chair in Obesity - Laval University

Research related organization; good source of current research and stats.

Osteoporosis Canada

Building Better Bones video. Guidelines and public education and resources related to exercise and osteoporosis.

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC)

Educational resources to assist community groups and coalitions in their efforts to improve the well-being of their communities.

Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS)

Supports health promotion.Twenty four member organizations.

Ontario Early Years Centres

Parenting info; PA promotion via materials and locally offered services.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institue

CATCH (Physical Education Program). Obesity Education Initiative.

National Library of Medicine

Multiple retrieval systems for accessing various information resources and databases from a single web interface.

Newfoundland & Labrador Heart Health Program

Variety of resources and programs used by regional Heart Health coalitions (e.g. "Ticker Tom Program for child serving organization).

Northern Diabetes Health Network

Program database related to management and prevention of diabetes.

Heart Health Resource Centre

Training & consultation for skill development specifically to support the components of the Ontario Heart Health Program. Resource development and dissemination aimed at improving access to heart health resources and programming, including designated best practices. Searchable database of heart health programs and resources from Ontario and beyond.

Environment Canada

EcoAction; funding and support programs for initiatives planned at integrating health and the environment.

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Support of physical activity promotion through counselling in family practices.

Canadian Institute of Child Health

Research, advocacy related resources and public education materials that cover a broad array of child development, including physical activity.

Canadian Heart Health Database Centre

The centre provides technical support in the form of developing databases, their upkeep and analysis, to further Heart Health in Canada.

Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research (CCHPR)

Research mandate but interesting links to helpful information pertaining to physical activity promotion programming, including evaluation. Alberta Centre for Active Living is a key member of the consortium.

Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre

Research related to determinants of health. Bikeway/active transportation related research.