Community Resources

Everybody Gets to Play

The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) has created this document as a supplement to the Community Mobilization Tool Kit. The Tool Kit was developed as a part of CPRA’s national initiative, created in 2000 to enhance the lives of children and youth living on low incomes through increased access to recreation. The Tool Kit and this Supplement provide you with tools and information needed to mobilize your community to reduce barriers to recreation participation for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis families.

The Active Circle

The Active Circle website is a great place for Aboriginal Youth and Communities to access resources to sport and recreation activities. There are areas to connect with communities, find funding sources, Physical Activity and share your Nation’s experiences; your community sport successes and start a trend of Healthy Aboriginal Communities!

Aboriginal Sport Circle

The Aboriginal Sport Circle’s website provides information for coaches and athletes. ASC Supports the revitalization of Aboriginal sport by promoting Indigenous games and promoting traditional and holistic approaches to amateur sport as well as helping to create and sustain an effective and accountable Aboriginal sport delivery system, which includes Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Bodies, clubs, and leagues that are recognized and integrated into the mainstream sport system.

First Nations Health Council of British Columbia

FNHC has some great web resources for physical activity programming for First Nations. Links for Canada-wide Aboriginal-based sport programming are also found here; as well as research reports, proposal templates and information about Sporting clubs, teams and events for Aboriginal populations.

Alberta Centre for Active Living

The Alberta Centre for Active Living’s website has very useful information about planning your physical activity programs. Everything from logic models to questionnaires and step by step guides to budgets are included.

Best Start by Health Nexus

Best Start’s resource list has some great information for caregivers of children on how to promote healthy living to prepare them for a life of living healthy.

Promoting Activity Toolkit – Change for Life

This toolkit is aimed to promote CHANGE4LIFE’s healthy active living campaign in London, England. There are areas to create your own Change4Life posters, websites and hundreds of photos you can use; all free of charge for site visitors.

Physical Activity Resource Centre – OPHEA

The PARC website is an excellent website for learning about physical activity. Workshop information, initiatives for your school or workplace, printable resources and interactive networking areas are here on PARC’s site.