Diabetes Prevention Workshop

In late April/May 2010; the Ontario First Nation Integrated Health Promotion Strategy (OFNIHPS)facilitated a 2-day Diabetes Prevention Workshop titled 'Our Time - Our Health

These are the archived sessions.

To Download a copy of the Conference Agenda please click Here.

Tuesday April 13th - AM

Sessions included:

Plenary Capitalizing on the Magic of the Teachable Moment – overview with Lauri-Ann Marshall

NDHN (overview of programs and services offered by Northern Diabetes Health Network

(handouts not made available at this time)

Pre-Diabetes Screening and Walking Program - Mandy Morrison; Registered Dietician

Presentation will focus on pre-diabetes and screening. Risk factors will be reviewed and strategies to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

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For a copy of the presentation click here.

Tuesday April 13th - PM

Sessions Included:

'Waisting Away' Weight Management - Helene Charlebois R.D.,

Session will help with overweight clients to better manage their health; special focus on weight and diabetes prevention/treatment. This workshop will give you various take home weight management strategies to use; hands on and practical.
Gestational Diabetes & Walking Program - Dr. Margaret Sopper

Impacts of healthy living on gestational diabetes; its management and helping to control blood sugars through an active lifestyle.

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For a copy of the 'Waisting Away - First Nations'powerpoint click here. For a copy of the 'Gestational Diabetes & Walking Program' click here.

Wednesday April 14th - AM

Sessions Included:

Winning the Fight Against Childhood Obesity - Kids Jumping to Make Change

- Melanie Francis, M'Chigeeng Health Centre

Will provide participants some background/statistics on childhood obesity and some useful prevention activities that can be done in the school for those workng with children and some other tops that can be used at home.

It's Time to Quit for Good - Webcast - TEACH - Dr. Selby

Presentation will provide an overview of TEACH and some of the work we have done in developing courses specicif to commercial tobacco use among some First Nations clients and communities, our collaboration with SOADI on materials specific to tobacco use and diabetes.

Watch it here.

For a copy of 'Winning the Fight Against Childhood Obesity' click here.
For a copy of 'It's Time to Quit for Good - TEACH' click here.

Wednesday April 14th - PM

Traditional Medicinal Plants and Their Use

Suzanne Katsi'tsiarishion Brant - M.E.S

This workshop will examine a variety of traditional medicine plants, their healing properties and current traditional application. It will provide an increased awareness and understanding of traditional healing practices and science supporting the use of plant medicine. It will examine traditional gathering pracitices including the natural and spiritual laws governing when, where and how to gather medicine. It will demonstrate how incorporating plant medicine into our current lifestyle can increase our health. This workshop will bring together science and culture in a way that will benefit all who participate. Watch it here or here.

For a copy of 'Traditional Medicine Plants & Their Use' Click here.