Eating Out

Eating out can often be a difficulttask when trying to follow a diet - whether it be medically necessary, or you'retrying to live an active lifestyle - the temptations are endless and everywhere.
Check out the links below for tips onhealthy ways to eat out!

Health Canada

You can enjoy eating out while following Canada's Food Guide. Many cafeterias, fast food shops and restaurants now offer healthier alternatives to their usual fare. This site provides some suggestions when eating out and tips to look out for when choosing a good restaurant.

Eat Right Ontario

This site provides valuable information for eating out in a healthy way. Includes suggestions for eating out when you're in a hurry, as well as a break-down of different plates (pizzas, pastas etc).

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The foundation does a great job of supplying information for heart-conscious individuals; includes suggestions for eating out during the holidays, types of fats used as well asmany great recipes for achieving optimal heart health.

Dieticians of Canada

There’s lots of ways to eat healthy when you’re in a rush and opt for fast food choices. Try some of our ideas like ‘Design it Yourself’, ‘Go for the Grill’, ‘Drink Smart’ and ‘Fill up on Fibre’ to help you eat well when you’re on the go.

Canadian Diabetes Association

The Diabetes Association has put together a small information booklet for Diabetics and the choices that can be made when eating out.

Kids Health – Teens

User submitted questions about eating out in a healthy way. Answers many questions some Teens may be pondering, such as, If I Eat Well at Home, What's Wrong With Splurging When I Eat Out?

Canadian Living

Some great examples of choices to make when eating out, the best options at your local restaurant and top-tips for eating healthy.

Food TV Forum

Some great reader-submitted questions surrounding good choices when eating out. Not just what tastes good, but what is healthy for your body.

Toronto Public Health

Canadians want foods that are healthy as well as tasty. If you eat out only on special occasions, enjoy your meal and eat what you want. But, if you eat out often, it is important to choose wisely. So, how do we make the best choices when eating away from home? This Guide answers that.

Niagara Region Public Health Unit

A very easy to follow guide on eating out, the choices you make and why you might not have been eating properly.

National Restaurant Association

Watching calories while eating out? The good news is in today's restaurants you have plenty of options! Here are a few tips from the National Restaurant Association on how to make the most of your dining-out experience.

Help Guide

If you are eating out, fast food restaurants are often the cheapest option, but unfortunately, not usually the healthiest one. Eating just one fast food meal can pack enough calories, sodium and fat for an entire day, but the quick-and-cheap temptation can be hard to resist. This site shows you options for healthy eating.