Measuring Success: Evaluation

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Program Evaluation Tool Kit is a practical, step-by-step guide to evaluating programs. It is presented in a series of short modules with simple explanations and specific tools for planning, conducting and using evaluation.

Health Canada

Development of a Logic Model and an Evaluation Framework of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Modernized Poultry Inspection Program. This document can be used as an example with some very useful sections outlined in the document.

Government of Manitoba

Performance Reporting and Evaluation Tools. The website offers detailed information on evaluating your programs, examples of Manitoba-based evaluations and also provides guidelines for writing proposals.

Offord Centre

‘Step 1 – Preparing the Groundwork for Evaluation’ Asks important questions like define your scope, develop realistic expectations and promotion a pro-evaluation attitude.

‘Step 2 – Planning a Meaningful Evaluation’ Explains tools and resources like logic models, what stakeholders are and determining methods for measuring program results.

Charity Village

Understanding Logic Models; what are they used for? How can they benefit my programming?

Office of the Auditor General

The OAG website has readily available information on evaluating the effectiveness of your program.

National Respite Network and Resource Centre

The NRNRC website has information about developing questions for your program evaluation. Asking importing questions like; What needs to be shared according to your funder guidelines, what are our successes?

Journal of Extension

The JOE website has information on linking your evaluation questions to the program outcomes. Useful tools for frontline workers.


‘The Logic Model Workbook’ A great tool for programmers to understand programming goals, resources, outcomes and asking what you expect out of the work you’re doing.

University of Missouri

‘Program Planning and Development – Program Logic Model’.

PARE Online

The (PARE) Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation website is a peer-reviewed journal and offers great easy to understand information about starting out the evaluation process; with tips and strategies to get motivated.

The Grantsmanship Centre

‘Employee Evaluation’ this article sheds some light on this dirty topic.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a free and easy site to develop your own surveys. Analyze the information as its collected and have your own custom links, collection restrictions and even add your own logos.

Free Online Surveys

Create your own surveys to use with your program evaluations. Results are collated and the instructions are easy to understand.

Survey Methods

Not sure how to develop a survey? Don’t know what to ask? The information shared on Survey Methods website clears up some confusion and helps to get the relevant information you need.

Path to Market

‘Evaluating Program Managers’ this website offers some insight to properly evaluating your manager.