Food Borne Illness

Tips and tools on preventing food-borne illnesses are found here; What to do if you’re pregnant and ill? Living with chronic disease – what you should look out for and information on recent recalls in Canada.

Food Safe Schools

The Food-Safe Schools Action Guide is a multifaceted implementation tool comprised of a variety of products specially designed to help school staff in their efforts to make their school food-safe. The Food-Safe Schools Action Guide can help schools identify gaps in food safety and develop an action plan for becoming food-safe.

Be Food Safe

Information on how to cook foods properly and provides detailed information on temperatures necessary to kill bacteria. Also has food recall information and additional resources if further research is needed.

Food Safety Tips for the Barbeque

Safety tips for cooking on the barbeque. Links also within the site have further detailed information on proper cooking techniques.

Food Safety - (US Site)

Chart information for cooking times, also has recalled information and ideas by event/season.
**Please Note: This is a US based website, which does not reflect Canadian standards for food inspection - this resource is only provided for reference**

Food Safety - Cook, Clean, Chill, Separate

Information about cooking foods safely.

Food Safety -

Food Safety Quiz
Summer Food Safety Quiz

Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Explains what food-borne illness is; how to pin point what you’ve eaten and taking steps to prevention for the future.

Washington State University

Safety guidelines, learning different types of bacteria and how they can affect you. Information on preventing illnesses is also found here.

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Information related specifically to Canadian-raised chickens. Including past recalls and reports, how to get In touch with your local farmers and their newsletter.