Save on Foods - Nutrition

Provides tips on how to save money through the proper freezing of your food.

Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Information on how to properly freeze your produce. Specific tips for each vegetable to ensure no freezer burn; blanching, cutting down vegetables and proper thawing.

Can Fight Bac - Ask Mrs Cookwell

Very detailed information on freezing different types of foods. Also has FAQ area with a wide range of user submitted questions ranging from thawing, to cooking times and how to freeze fish and seafood.

Gold Seal - Freezing Fish

Suggested tips from Gold Seal on how to properly freeze and store Salmon (among other fish).

Food Network - Storing Wild Game

Tips on how to store a wide range of wild game (Venison, duck, boar, deer, etc) to ensure the cuts do not fall under the affects of freezer burn.

Canadian Beef Safety

Information on the Canadian standards to freezing and storing Canadian-raised beef.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The processes as guided by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on how to properly store beef and meat protein. Commercial guidelines (restaurants & School) information also included.