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New for February 2012:

The intake for the 2012-2013 Healthy Communities Fund Grant Program is now open and will be jointly administered by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the newly formed Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.


The Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) Grant Program provides non-capital funding to organizations for the delivery of integrated health promotion initiatives in communities across Ontario. The Program plays a key role in helping to achieve a vision of healthy communities working together and Ontarians leading healthy and active livesthrough the funding of projects that address two or more of the following health promotion priorities (in alphabetical order):

  • Healthy eating;
  • Injury prevention;
  • Mental health promotion;
  • Physical activity, sport and recreation;
  • Reducing tobacco use/exposure; and
  • Substance and/or alcohol misuse prevention.

The goal of the HCF Grant Program is to support projects that serve or benefit specific populations that may not have equitable access to health promotion programming in their communities, and in turn, provide greater access to these programs and services where they are needed most in Ontario.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants should read the Program Guidelines applicable to the proposed reach/scope of their project (i.e. local/regional or provincial) and should consult with the appropriate Ministry staff at the earliest possible opportunity and before completing any HCF Grant Application Form.

Eligible applicants are required to work in partnership with other organizations and take an integrated approach to improving the health and wellness of one or more communities. Interested organizations can apply for a local/regional grant or a provincial grant depending on their delivery capacity and the reach or scope of their proposed project.


For Information on the LOCAL/REGIONAL STREAM visit:

For Information on the PROVINCIAL STREAM visit:

Please note - it is suggested to complete the online GRANTS ONTARIO portion 2 weeks prior to sending in your letter of intent (Statement of Interest).

The Laidlaw Foundation:

Laidlaw Foundation invests in innovative ideas, convenes interested parties, shares its learning and advocates for change in support of young people becoming healthy, creative and fully engaged citizens.

Youth Engagement - the process of meaningful, voluntary participation of young people in decision-making and governance.
Diversity- recognizes, respects and values differences to enable each person to maximize his or her own potential and by extension, that of theircommunity.
Social Inclusion - where all people reallybelong in all the economic, social, political and cultural dimensions of our society.
Civic Engagement - people have, and act on the opportunity to participate in the rights and duties of citizenship ina healthy democracy.

The next Youth Organizing application deadline is September 7th, 2011.

Youth-led groups can apply for funding to support their community organizing strategies. Please review program guidelines for more information. Application templates can be downloaded here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ana Skinner.

The Change Foundation:

The Change Foundation, in partnership with the Health Strategy Innovation Cell at Massey College, released a suite of interactive resources for healthcare organizations to help them better understand the potential and limitations of social media. It also encourages these organizations to use social media to capture and improve the patient experience. The resources include case studies, an exploration of key issues, and an e-toolkit that hosts real-time updates on what's trending in discussions in the field. It also includes Canada's first open and user-editable directory of healthcare organizations using social media.

The Small Change Fund

The Small Change Fund empowers you to make big change with small change. We provide a place for you to discover, share, connect with, and support amazing grassroots projects in communities across the country – projects that need just a small amount of money to make a real and significant impact in the world.

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