Program Planning: Gathering Interest

Citizens Handbook

The Citizens Handbook is a one stop shop for building community awareness and support. Block parties, clean ups, parades, gardening and study circles are just some of the ideas offered. There are also other sections for the community including grassroots problems and solutions that explore ideas like why groups fail, fundraising and what works for community development.

 Community Building Resources

CBR is a small business led by Susan Roberts, an experienced facilitator, asset-focused community developer, and adult educator. They assist community groups and organizations by providing fun and effective workshops and facilitation for Community Capacity Building and Asset Mapping.

North Victoria Healthy Communities Coalition

The Asset Based Community Development Project uses mapping tools to keep track of the skills and resources of individuals in the community. This site is a great example of a well-linked community.

Child Welfare Information Gateway

The Child Welfare website offers some interesting ideas to gather interest in your program or initiative. Honouring your local culture or ribbon campaigns are some examples provided.


The Wilderdom website has details about group games, exercises and interactive games that can be played as part of a program introduction to the community.

Youth Learn

This section of the Youth Learn website has information about Community Building Activities. The examples provided would be great for introducing what a ‘community’ is to younger aged children.

Egg Plant

Some great resources for maintaining program interest.

Group Games

New to the program group? Play a game and become better acquainted.