General Community Resources

Active Living Alliance for Canadians With a Disability

Resources, events & support for people with disabilities. Moving to Inclusion.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Sets U.S. standards for recommended exercise prescriptions. Offers certifications. Very reputable source of information.

American Council on Exercise

Offers certification of fitness instructors. Has great Fit Tips. U.S. based.

American Heart Association

General information on heart health. American Heart Walk. Lots of publications & statistics.

Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine

Position statements related to safety: pregnancy, bike helmets, in-line skating, violence in sports.

Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (CAHPERD

School resources for Physical and Health education and intramurals. Some inclusion & gender equity resources. QDPE information. Some French resources.

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity

Great source of information for girls & women in sports, gender equity, leadership. Resource On the Move. Photo CD of girls & women. Girls@Play program information available. Great examples of community based programming initiatives.

Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals (Can-Fit-Pro )

Education conferences, certifications courses & resources for fitness professionals.

Canadian Cancer Society

Research information on cancer risk reduction, including Physical Actibity position statement.

Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging

Excellent source of information for older adults. Research updates, videos, exercise programs. Offers training programs for fitness instructors. Home Support Exercise Program.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Information on fair play, drug-free sport, banned substances & ethics in sports.

Canadian Diabetes Association

General information on diabetes prevention & management. Team Diabetes Canada (marathon, triathlon, mountain biking, adventure racing).

Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI)

Research on physical activity participation of Canadians, trends, lifestyle tips. Physical Activity Monitor. Research File.

Canadian Fitness Education Services

Resource for educational organizations.

Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA)

Playground safety. Benefits of Recreation. Youth-at-Risk issues. Risk Management issues. Children & Youth Living in Poverty.

Canadian Paediatric Society

Position statement for healthy active living for children & youth.

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)

Fitness appraisal certification and accreditation.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Report of the Surgeon General on Physical Activity, The Guide to Community Preventive Services, Promoting Physical Activity (book), Guidelines for School & Community Programs, National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.).; the Guide to Community Preventive Services.

Center For Screen-Time Awareness

TV-Turnoff Week and More Reading, Less TV, fact sheets.

City of London

Good urban planning practices related materials.

City of Ottawa - Public Health

Good urban planning practices. “Walkability” , Active Ottawa, City Wide Physical Activity Strategy. Great ideas for your physical education & activity programs.

City of Toronto – Public Health

Rainbow Fun. Discovery Walks. Moving on the Spot. Fun and Physical Activity. Outdoor exercise during heat & smog alerts. Bike Safety. Call to Action on Physical Activity.

Coaching Association of Canada

3M National Coaching Certification Program, Let’s get moving, SNAC (nutrition). A great resource for the planning stages of your programming.

Government of Canada Publications

General website for Government of Canada; more direct ways to link to PA specific programs and resources of Federal Governmentt are included in this directory.

Green Communities

Active Transportation, Active & Safe Routes to School.

Greenest City

Active and Safe Routes to School; Walking School Bus; Walk to School Day; anti-smog resources/initiatives and more.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

Risk assessment tools on-line; materials/resources for public on Physical Activity and other key health behaviours; links to provincial offices. 

Hike Ontario

Hike Ontario week.

Human Kinetics

Information and education materials related to the exercise sciences and sport.


Provincial Government Agency responsible for Physical Activity Promotion in Quebec.

Lifestyle Information Network

LIN listserv & website. National Recreation Database. "Youth-at-Risk Success Stories" database.

Lung Association – Ontario

Fact sheets and programs geared to respiratory health (e.g. Lungs are for Life).

Ministry of Education

Health and Physical Education curriculum for grades 1-12.

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

General website and INFO line for MOHLTC.

Ministry of Health Promotion

General website information from the Minister of Health promotion.

Ministry of Tourism

Network of community based initiatives targeting Aboriginals on and off reserve. New website

National Association for Sport & Physical Education

Physical education related materials for grades K-12.

National Center for Bicycling & Walking

Good publications on “walkabitlity” and “bikability” of cities, some specifically for Public Health.  A great tool for bringing these initiatives to your community.

Nutrition Resource Centre

Provides information on nutrition, resources, and programs.

Ontario Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (OASES)

Programs for certified fitness consultants and fitness & lifestyle consultants. Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centre.

Ontario Cycling Association

Kids CAN-Bike.

Ontario Fitness Council

Certifying Body for Group Exercise Instructors, Pilates and Weight Training, Offering resources, material and courses.

Ontario Trails Council

Promoting the creation, preservation, management and use of recreational trails.

PACE Canada

PA Counselling program for physicians.

Parks and Recreation Ontario

High Five. Active Ontario Sport & Recreation Tool Kit. "Together with Youth" resource re: community recreation opportunities.

Partners in Healthy Living Ottawa

Gottawalk, Woman Alive, Pathway Patrol, Pathways to Health program information. Great examples of Physical Activity resources.

Physical Activity Research Program - University of Toronto

The Physical Activity Research Program addresses the problem of decreasing physical activity levels among Canadian youth. Research updates available online.

Physician and Sports Medicine

Articles on exercise, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation targeted to active individuals.

Publications Ontario

Walking, the Activity of a Lifetime; features U. of T. research related to PA and youth.

Saskatoon in Motion

Research based Physical Activity promotion program that includes multi-media social marketing campaign; website; personalized walking journal. Multi partners involved.

Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

Diabetes prevention and Health Lifestyle promotion programs and resources geared to Aboriginals. Online walking initiative.

Sport Alliance of Ontario

Umbrella organization housing most provincial sport associations in Ontario (gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, swimming, track etc) Most of these associations have their own programs.

Sport Canada

Policy and legislation related information (e.g.: BILL C-54 An Act to promote physical activity and sport).

Stretch’n Grow

Fitness program for preschoolers. Resources include Workout with Ticker, Monkeys Don’t Wear Shoes.