Getting Started

British Columbia Ministry of Health

Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy: Honouring our Health Booklet

This booklet provides useful information about smoking cessation as well as how to get cessation programming started in your community.

Pauktuutit Inuit Women’s Association of Canada

Aniqsaattiarniq: Breathing Easy Community Resource Kit. Guidelines for Inuit Communities Working on Reducing Tobacco Use Manual. Healing From Smoking Video. Youth and Community Action Plan – Tobacco Control Strategy. Great resources, publications and reports available on the website; as well as manuals and videos about smoking cessations and promoting smoke-free communities.

University of Arizona Health and Sciences Centers & Arizona Tobacco Education & Prevention Program

Basic Tobacco Intervention Skills Cerification – Native American Guide Book & Instructor Manual. Information on how to get certified in Tobacco Intervention skills; lists of available programs at nearby schools as well as some online options also provided.

The Canadian Women’s Health Network

The Women’s Health Network provides a great list of reports and publications available to download free of charge. Some publications covering topics such as getting a program started, smoking during pregnancy and holistic approaches to tobacco use. Facilitator guides and manuals available for discussion.

Union of Ontario Indians Anishinabek Nation

Chemical in Cigarettes…Kill Pamphlet. How Smoking Affects Your Body Pamphlet. Nasawin Video & Pamphlet. The Impact  Pamphlet.

Health Canada

Eating Smoke: A Review of Non-Traditional use of Tobacco Among Aboriginal People. Helping You Quit: A Smoking Cessation Guide for Aboriginal Women in Canada. Health Canada’s website has great information for smoke-free living. Readers are able to download freely as well as order materials for their own programming and find research reports and publications to become better aware of the issues surrounding smoking cessation in communities.


First Nations Youth Inquire Into Tobacco Use.

Assembly of First Nations Recource Centre Branch

First Nations and Inuit Regional Health Surveys Report. Tobacco: The Sacred Gift Campaign Teaching Guide.

Native Women’s Transition Centre

Kichi Chistenmaw Pimatisiwin: Tobacco as the Way of Life Facilitators Guide and Handbook.

Nechi Training, Research & Health Promotion Institute

The NECHI training institute offers great information for facilitators and guides for Tobacco Cessation programming. Contact the centre directly to be sent these items.

National Cancer Institute - Research tested Intervention Programs

It’s Your Life – It’s Our Future Manual & Video available from the National Cancer Institute.

National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization (NIICHRO)

NIICHRO has great resources for planning your smoke-free programming.

Wabano Aboriginal Health Centre

Sacred Smoke – Smoking Cessation Program.

Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control

Talkin’ Up Good Air: Australian Indigenous Tobacco Control Resource Kit. Great resources for health workers, free and available to download toolkits also available on the site.

Center for American Indian Research Education

Talking Circles – American Indian Women’s Cervical Cancer Project  Video. Pathways to Health: An American Indian Women’s Breast Cancer Video.

Tobacco Stinks

Teaming Up for Tobacco-Free Kids in Your Community – Great online resources for community programming.

Northern Family Health Society

The Smoke Free Journey: Counseling Guide – Solution Focused Approach to Prenatal Smoking Reduction. Found on the Northern Family Health Society website.

Department of Public Health for Central Montreal

Yes, I Quit! Facilitators Guide.