Program Planning: Getting Started

Government of Nova Scotia

‘Recognition Program Launch Ideas’ ideas to launch your group, program or project. Great Examples!

Self Help Resource Centre

The website has some information on starting a self help group. Identifying questions to ask during development, what sort of professionals/experience/materials we will need to make the group successful.

Equay-Wuk Women’s Group

‘Starting a Support Group: Promoting Healthy Families – Healthy Communities’ Some great examples used; can be utilized for your own support groups.

Free the Children

Program Example: ‘Youth in Action Start Up Kit’. Provides readers with some launch ideas and examples of connecting with other communities who share the same interest or goal.

Peer Net

‘Six Steps to Starting a Peer Support Group’ Insight into starting a support group in your community.

‘Six Steps to Starting a Rural Peer Support Group’. Details on starting a support group in rural or hard to reach areas of the province.


Wilderdom has a great list of icebreakers and warm-ups to get your group acquainted.


Icebreakers are the activities and games that are played at the beginning of a meeting or event to get everyone to relax and get to know each other a little better. Here are some suggestions of excellent icebreakers to help you.

Lifestyle Information Network

The Lifestyle Information Network has put together a very large list of icebreakers available for visitors to use.


Information on how to properly manage conflict in groups.

University of British Columbia

Conflict Resolution Management

International Centre for Human Rights Education

‘Play it Right’ Toolkit is offered here for download with free registration. There are also presentation and facilitator guides available to use with the toolkit.