Health Promotion

Find information about Community Programs, Community Success Stories, Health Promotion at Home and Work, Health Promotion at School, Health Statistics, Policy Development and Training Opportunities.

Health Promotion encompasses a lot of resources. Some are often short-term projects that try to make an impact or long-range programs who's goal is to change our thinking and influence policy to create a healthy society.

Other times, our Nations and Peoples show their talents within their community. They develop projects, programs, businesses and health models/plans that work for their families and communities.

We are often lucky enough to cross paths with such people who work to create change - in whatever capacity. In this newly promoted section of the Health Promotion page - the Our Time, Our Health team will post links to these health professionals further supporting the idea of Mno-Bimadiziwin (Good Life/Health).

Stepping Stone Publications

Offers cultural awareness teachings, presentations, Health model ('Reconnection Through TheTree Rings'), Ierihwakwe'ni:io - She Carries The Truth (resource), and offers great background information on Stepping Stone Publcations.

This is a traditional health model of the Haudenosaunee people. The resource identifies the foundation of traditional health promotion based upon the Haudenosaunee cultural teachings. The model has a dual role to help the individual identify a visual pathway for cultural education and traditional health.

This is offered for education and understanding of the Haudenosaunee, ideal to experience and learn how nature nurtures for well-being.

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