Health Canada

Report on the nutrition needs of infants. This report includes information and links about milk (alternates; milk, soy-based), water, transition to solid foods, as well as safety surrounding feeding.

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Information about infant nutrition, infant needs as well as recommendations from writers of the CMAJ about infant nutrition.

Canadian Paediatric Society

Growth charts for infants

Reports and publications related to the growth of infants and toddlers. Information including milk (alternatives; soy and powdered), use of fluorides, and nutrition.

Public Health Agency of Canada

For the best possible start in life, the Public Health Agency of Canada supports and promotes breastfeeding as the unequalled way to provide optimal nutritional, immunological and emotional nurturing of infants.

Heinz Baby

A great source for nutrition information for your newborn-toddler-preschooler. Includes recipes, what to expect during different stages and what nutrients your child needs most.