Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid's Health - Recipes

Kid-Friendly recipes and techniques for kids and parents to tackle in the kitchen. Includes recipes for kids who are lactose-intolerant, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and kids who may have Celiac Disease. Separate areas for children, teens and their parents.

Eating Well - Kids

These delicious kid-friendly recipes will help your kids learn to love whole grains and calcium-rich recipes to build strong bones. This collection of healthy kid-friendly recipes gets high marks from kids of all ages and is designed to make meal planning easier.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Heart and Stroke foundation has compiled a list of recipes for children that are both healthy and meet the needs as outlines in the Canadian Food Guide. All recipes are easy to make and have a little spin on the traditional methods of making; smoothies, sandwiches, fruits and treats.

Grandparents Café

This website provides recipes that are easy to make with the younger ones in your family.

Canadian Living

Canadian Living has created this selection of healthy, kid-friendly meals. Start the day off right with a good-for-you breakfast, followed up by an easy-to-make lunch with smart snack choices sprinkled throughout, and your child will be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

All Recipes - Everyday cooking with your children

All Recipes lists user submitted entries and users are able to rate them. Recipes range from the unique fruit pizza to the traditional Christmas Cookies and are all verified kid-friendly.

Healthy Kid Recipes

Includes tips on how to feed your picky eaters, getting them involved in their healthy eating habits, help with planning the menus and tips for grocery shopping.

Food TV

Ideas for children to become interested in cooking. Suggestions for the holidays, making easy snacks and information for feeding your child with allergies.

Suite 101

Information, articles, publications and reports on feeding your child with allergies.

Canadian Parents

Feeding your child with food allergies; recipes, forum and discussions.