Menu Planning & Budgeting

Want to know more about portion control? Or are you at odds with figuring out what to order at your favourite restaurant? Or maybe you want to go grocery shopping but have a limited budget?

These site links have this information and details on meeting you nutritional needs throughout the day.

Dietitians of Canada - Let's Make a Meal

Build a one-day menu using “Let’s Make a Meal!” Then use the “Food Guide Calculator” as a quick and easy tool to see if you are Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. “Let’s Make a Meal!” allows you to choose various menu items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and compares your choices against the food guide servings recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.

Hawaii State Department of Human Services

In this menu planning toolkit, you will find information on how you can provide healthful meals for the children in your care. Frontline workers can put knowledge to work by using helpful tools that are provided in this toolkit, including: Form menu templates and Sample menus; Learn tips to keep your children safe during meal time.

Menu Planning

It's been all over the news in recent months - Our portion size, especially when it comes to restaurant food is out of control. As a result, many of us don't know what an actual, healthy portion size is. Many of us overeat at almost every meal and need to exercise more portion control. But what exactly is portion control? This site hopes to shed some light on menu planning and portion control.

Meals Matter

This website has information on portion control and steps to planning a nutritious meal.

The Vegetarian Resource Group

A Sample Vegan Meal Plan: If you’re eating out at a restaurant, it may be hard to eat a nutritious meal. This site hopes to provide some examples and suggestions.

Suite 101

Tips for nutritious grocery shopping on a budget.

City of Ottawa

Grocery shopping on a budget: how to make it work.