Older Adults

Seniors Canada

Information for seniors about nutrition topics such as cooking techniques, meal services (meals on wheels), food safety and resources available to them within their region.


Senior Info

A database website of various sites that can be found in relation to seniors’ services.


College of Agricultural Sciences

Online Nutrition resources for Mature Adults. This section of the NIRC site has a great list of resources specifically for Older Adult nutrition.


Dieticians of Canada - Seniors

Information directly from registered Dieticians in Canada surrounding Senior healthcare and proper nutrition in everyday living.


Chealth - Seniors

How to meet your body's needs as you age - the required daily intake of nutrients and vitamins, food safety, maintaining healthy bones and recommended daily activity.


Body and Health

Healthy eating guide for seniors.


Suite 101 - Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Provides breakdown of vitamins and minerals that are of specific interest to maintain seniors’ optimum health.


A-Ha Agri-Food for Healthy Eating

Information about recent research projects, how to manage disease, helpful websites as well as presentations, videos and broadcasts.


Eat Right Ontario

Specific information on how to properly maintain a balanced diet for older adults.