Policy Development

New to the Our Time, Our Health website - Tobacco/Nutrition Policy webinars as presented in December 2010 for your use.

Hosted by Elisa Levi, RD

At the end of this webinar, participants will walk away with knowledge, resources and ideas to improve healthy food choices in various community settings. This webinar will also explore ways to introduce Nutrition policies to communities and how to keep them engaged in the process.

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Hosted by Helen Bobiwash, Ursine Management
This webinar presentation explores the historical uses of Tobacco, commercialization, Federal/Provincial legislation on Tobacco (its affects on First Nations' policy making), Health risks, misuse, traditional uses, anatomy of a cigarette, tobacco control strategies as well as tools to develop a community based policy within your community.

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Rural Nova Scotia: Rural Communities Impacting Policy

‘ A Brief Guide to Understanding Policy Development’ is provided from the Rural Communities Impacting Policy project website. Although the project has since finished, the information is still available and very valuable. Learn to use tools and get tips on developing your policy the site also provides information on gathering support and focusing in on the problems.


Office of the Auditor General – Manitoba

The OAG website has this great download on Policy Development. Sections covered include Human Resources, infrastructure support, evidence, consultations and presenting your findings. An excellent resource for Program Developers.


Ontario Health Promotion Resource System

The OPHRS website offers an online Health Promotion course that covers topics such as program implementation, case studies and policy development with sections on what to ask when analyzing the issue.


The Health Communication Unit –University of Toronto

THCU’s website has excellent resources for health promotion. Informative workshops; such as this one on policy development are offered throughout the year; check back to the site for updates and scheduled times.


Planning Case Studies for Health Promotion program evaluations. Information provided here can be used as examples when supporting your own evaluations or post-program policy development.


Public Health Agency of Canada

Canadian Best Practices Manual: Information on what ‘Policy’ actually means; also includes examples of other program policies currently being developed or in place.


Montreal Network of Health Promotion Hospitals and CSSS’s

This free document for visitors looking for more support in developing their health promotion policies. This document looks at organizational approaches, policy content and the development process.


Yukon – Education

An example of School-based Nutrition policy.


Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CAMH’s website has some information on Public Policy and Health Promotion.


WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion

Ottawa Charter of Health Promotion – Great resource for frontline health workers.


University of Regina

Community Health Indicators Toolkit. This toolkit can be used by health professionals in evaluating programs.