Program Planning & Activities

Stay Active Eat Healthy

The Stay Active Eat Healthy Toolkit is a great resource for community program developers and frontline workers looking to start up healthy nutrition-based programming. This guide provides you with examples and ideas for starting to develop action plans, policies and planning activities for your program.

Positive Deviance

This guide titled ‘Designing a Community-Based Nutrition Program Using the Hearth Model and the Positive Deviance Approach - A Field Guide’ is a great resource for starting up Nutrition based programming in your community. This guide provides you with models, examples and suggestions for your own program. Also ideas about introducing community members as volunteers and additional fundraising are included.

Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton

Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning has information about what communities should discuss when implementing a program or when planning to initiate policies.

Partners in Nutrition Program Brochure

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto website has the Board of Health’s recently published reports. Some of the information include Nutrition and Food Safety workshops, Culturally Appropriate programming guides and Peer Nutrition Program logic models. Great examples for community programs getting off the ground.

Canadian Feed the Children

This report titled ‘National Aboriginal Nutrition Program’ has information (and Ideas) on community-based nutrition programs across Canada. School outreach, home snacks, Child-Parent cooking classes and community feasts were all events or programs used to promote Nutrition.

Manitoba Food Security Network

The Manitoba Food Security Network holds annual ‘Golden Carrot’ awards for honour Manitoba individuals or groups who are working towards a more just a sustainable food system for all Manitobans. Award categories include Rural, Urban, Northern, Business, Media, and Education Community Food Champions.

Nutrition Resource Centre

The Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) works to ensure the effective dissemination and implementation of several provincial nutrition promotion programs and resources. Support is provided by: Assisting with program implementation or starting up a new program; Material distribution and providing updates about key developments in the field of community nutrition.

Food Share

Excellent program examples and reports. Food Share promotes community-based nutrition programming.

Community Food Advisor

The Community Food Advisor (CFA) Program provides, through trained volunteers, reliable information and education that promotes safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices to consumers in Ontario.

Community Food Security Initiatives - OPHA

The Community Food Security Initiatives website has information about different Food Security programs by region.

Prevention Institution

The Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments is pleased to present the Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (ENACT). ENACT is a concrete menu of strategies designed to help you improve nutrition and activity environments on a local level. These strategies have been organized into seven environments that were carefully selected for their importance in individual and community health.

Healthy Acadia

This document provides some examples of what communities have done to improve food security and nutrition. This document is not a comprehensive listing, rather a sampling of ideas, inspiration, and food for thought. Great resources and information for community programmers.

Menu of Choices

It's important to think about healthy eating in all food-related aspects of school life. To truly promote a healthy school environment, healthy foods and beverages should be part of the cafeteria, vending, school events and fundraising.