All Recipes

Stews, Casseroles and healthy dishes are all available for visitors to the site. Meatloaf, Kid recipes and user submitted unique dishes are found here.

1001 Recipe

1001 Recipe’s website has loads of recipes from appetizers to main dishes and desserts; this website even offers a ‘convert’ section that lets you convert your old family recipes to make them a bit healthier.

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats has some great Oat inspired recipes. The site also covers other areas like understanding food labels, foods that may help lower cholesterol and simple tips we can do to improve our nutrition.

Spark Recipes

Browse healthy and delicious recipes submitted by more than 6.5 million members and share your own. Plus, the Spark Recipe calculator gives you the calories, fat and nutrition info for every recipe on our site.

Canadian Diabetes Association

The CDA has put together a list of diabetic-friendly recipes. The site also has information about calculating your BMI, menu planning and portion size control.

Dairy Goodness

The Dairy Goodness website has some great-tasting smoothie recipes, main dishes and other desserts made with dairy products.

Dieticians of Canada

Eating Well Menu Planner’ Handout on planning your meal properly; without over-indulging.

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Boost your brain by choosing healthy foods. Healthy food choices not only improve your general health, they are also beneficial to brain health.

Prostate Cancer

All-Star chefs helped Prostate Cancer Canada put together a list of healthy recipes that are now available for you.

Egg Farmers of Ontario

Kids’ egg recipes and user submitted recipes (all Egg friendly) are available to visitors. The website also has a unique section ‘Fridge Recipe Search’ where it allows you to input what you have in your fridge and make a recipe out of it!

Best Health

All sorts of recipes are found here; from poultry dishes to eggs, desserts, 20 minute meals and high fibre finds.


This website has great healthy eating resources. You are able to select recipes according to season, meal type and ingredients.

Kraft Canada

Kraft has excellent user submitted recipes for all dishes and courses. Their top 10 section has the best of fibre dishes, desserts, meatless, veggie packed, Iron and even a top 10 stir fry collection.

Health Recipes

Health Recipes has numerous articles to support healthy eating. Home, garden and overcoming overeating habits are some of the available reads.

Healthy Cooking Recipes

Low Fat and Vegetarian recipes can be found on the Healthy Cooking Recipes website.

Healthy Kid Recipes

Learn to make your own smoothies!

The Best of Raw Food

Each green smoothie provided is full of healthy minerals (e.g. calcium and iron), vitamins and fibre.

Easy Dinner Recipes

Interesting in something new? Why not try Tofu? This site has lots of ideas to create a great tasting tofu dish.

Food Network Canada

The Food Network has a large variety of recipes available; not only user submitted but also from the shows on the network. There are sections especially for cheese, meat & poultry, seasonal and recipes from around the world.

Vegetarian Society

The Vegetarian Society has hundreds of recipes on the website - They have been cross referenced into a variety of specialist lists and theme features to help you find the right recipe for your needs, whether it's just a snack or a gourmet dinner party.


The Mothering website is a great resource for expecting mothers to find healthy recipes, baby-food ideas and getting active after baby.

Recipes for Picky Eaters

Recipes for picky eaters. User submitted recipes, unique ingredients and ideas for making unfamiliar foods ‘fun’.

Wholesome Baby Food

The Wholesome Baby Food website has tons of homemade baby food ideas. Information found here includes what not to feed your baby, preventing allergies, tips for introducing solid food and 1000’s of recipes.

Homemade Baby Food Ideas

This site has lots of homemade recipe ideas, understanding how much your baby should be eating, how to get your baby to eat from a spoon and other useful tips and ideas.

Canadian Living

Tips and Suggestions for making your own baby food. Information like what not to use, how to store and life span of your baby food are found here.


Weelicious has fast, easy homemade baby food, toddler finger foods and fun ideas to get your kids in the kitchen!


eHow has a video series on making your own homemade baby food.