Recently, the Our Time, Our Health team received notification of Skateboarding data-collection on First Nations. After some careful networking, we touched base with Ariel Stagni to ask about his research and gave some pointers on contacting communities.

We welcome everyone to contact Ariel Stagni and find out about the study he's conducting.

Here's a brief snyopsis on his research as provided by Ariel:

Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport on many native reservations.Communities across Ontario have begun supporting youth in skateboarding, while others are considering what more can be done to support youth who share in this interest.

What are other First Nations doing to support skateboarding?

Basic information is currently being collected about support for skateboarding offered by First Nations across Ontario.A significant amount of info is anticipated to be collected by late summer 2011.

To access this info, or to learn more about the project, please email the principal researcher of this project, Ariel Stagni, at

More About Ariel:

Ariel Stagni, the principal researcher, is a recognized name in Canadian skateboarding. In addition to traveling as a competitive skateboard athlete, he has dedicated the last 10 years to helping communities across Ontario develop facilities and programs supporting youth in skateboarding.

He is currently a Master's candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, where he is studying misconceptions about skateboarding, and completing his final project on the experiences of native communities with skateboarding.

We hope to stay in touch with Ariel and update everyone on the successes of his research project.