Safety at the Gym

EHow – How to Avoid Injury at the Gym

This professional-user submitted blog has some excellent information on avoiding injuries and proper workout techniques. Other articles include choosing the right equipment for your height, using equipment correctly and what really happens to your body after a workout.

Finding Dulcinea

The Finding Dulcinea website (‘Librarian of the Internet’) has details about what different types of injuries there are; from burns to sprains, abrasions and broken bones. Other website resources are provided for further research on each topic.

Gymnastics Rescue

The Gymnastics Rescue website offers visitors information on injury prevention for gymnasts. Pole Vaulting, horse jumping, parallel bars and balance beams are some of the areas covered. Anatomy of injuries, tips for parents and nutrition information are found on the website as well.

Toronto Health

Fall prevention training information.

Smart Marathon Training

This website has information on how to train for a marathon and avoid injury.

Think First

Ice Skating Injury Prevention Tips article available for download from Think First.