Second Hand Smoke

Smoke Free Housing Canada

Smoke Free Housing Canada provides information to tenants, landlord and property owners about smoking and second hand smoke to ensure their tenant rights are being respected.

Canadian Lung Association

Tips and suggestions on how to protect yourself from second and third hand smoke.

Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada

Information on second hand smoke and Ontario Labour laws; what your rights are.

Information about smoking in cars with Children; the law, the fines and how to avoid them.

This report provides information by province about what laws are in place, contacts and how to protect yourself from second hand smoke.

Healthy Ontario

Information about on the anti-smoking law with in cars with children under 16 years of age.

Campaign for A Smoke Free Alberta

The website offers details on Smoke Free Alberta and also gives a scope of second-hand smoke by-laws in Canada.

About Kids Health

The Website offers information about the relationship between second hand smoke and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Suite 101

This site lists information about risks to children exposed to second hand smoke. Some topics covered include ear infections, SIDS, cancer and asthma.

This website explores bronchitis, its cause, symptoms and exposure to second hand smoke.

Alberta Health Services

Information provided about second hand smoke and children. The site offers research reports, interactive areas for children and easy to understand fact sheets for learning.

How to Get Rid Of Stuff

This site has user generated suggestions on how to get out that pesky cigarette smell.

Kids Health

Information about second hand smoke in the home; as well as information for guardians of children -young adults with asthma.

Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit

The Unit has information about the effects Smoking has on a person’s body; either first or second hand. This site also has details about prevention of second hand smoke and areas about quitting smoking for further research.

Northern Health

Offers information for the public on second hand smoke, diseases linked to cigarette smoke and recent reports for further investigation.

Pregnancy Info

Information for expecting mothers about the dangers that smoking and second hand present to both her and the unborn child.

Your Total Health

User Submitted questions about the relationship between second hand smoke and ear infections in children.

Canadian Cancer Society

The Society's website does a great job of offering information about the relation between smoking and various types of Cancer.