Social Gatherings

Social Gatherings are a large part of living in small communities; this list of website has details on how to the spread of illness and raise awareness at these gatherings.

Hallowe'en Food & Safety Tips - Health Canada

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for children, and for adults! However, the excitement of Halloween shouldn't make us forget about food safety. You should also keep in mind that children with allergies and sensitivities must be especially careful before eating trick-or-treat goodies or certain foods served at Halloween social gatherings. Information provided here will help you and your children to make the right choices during Hallowe'en.

Public Health Agency of Canada

This guide is meant to provide information from Public Health regarding PHAC guidance for the Prevention and Management of Influenza-like-Illnesses (ili) including the H1N1 Pandemic, related to mass gatherings. Information about proper hand-washing, symptoms, recommendations as well as event planning in the wake of a pandemic.

Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority For Community Members

Provides specific information for preventing illnesses and their transmission in Northern Communities where populations may be harder hit. Includes information about infection control at daycares and school. Kitchen safety at home and in community gatherings as well as infection control tips for hunters and fishermen.

Health Central

Health Central's website is geared to provide health information for diet and exercise. This link to the site includes information about Food Safety during the Summer months; keeping cool, preventing food-related bacteria from spreading and tips for the summertime.

Encyclopedia - Home For the Holidays provides specific Food Safety information for preventing illnesses at family gatherings. Also includes other publications posted on the site related to your search.

Yukon Health and Social Services

Toolkit for schools and colleges in the Yukon area. Provides excellent examples of preventative measures that should be taken for Northern Communities; hand washing, staying home and symptoms.

Canadian Food Safety Institute

Information about food safety at mass gatherings. Includes an area to send in your reported illness from food, weekend courses on food safety as well as quizzes and publications for further research.

Food Safety Site

Factsheet for preventing illnesses at meetings or social gatherings.

Home Family

Food plays an important role in most holiday celebrations. So it is important to take precautions to prevent the spread of food-borne illness whether the gathering is in spring summer, winter or fall. This site provides this information.

New Zealand Food Security Authority

Provides information for preventing illnesses at Social Gatherings. Also includes links to other informative websites for further research. *Please be advised that this is not a Canadian website- Guidelines provided are from the hosting country*

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Provides information for preventing illnesses within social settings. This site has pod-casts available to view about different topics from cooking at high altitude, thawing a turkey, food safety for transplant recipients as well as safe use of slow cookers. This site is a great resource for searching many different guidelines. *Please be advised that this is not a Canadian website - Guidelines provided are from the hosting country*