Traditional Food Recipes

Recipes to make your favourite traditional dishes! Includes tips on preparing a wild game main dish and sides.

Traditional Food, Health and Nutrition; Health Menu

Website provides information about traditional Native American foods from tribes across North America. There also is a section which includes recipes and areas for recommended books for further research. Other links within the site include plant, botanics, teas and traditional diet information.

NativeTech Indigenous Food and Recipes

Site provides readers with Indigenous food information, areas to submit your recipes and has food categorized for easier browsing.

Turtle Island Native Network

Videos, step-by step instructions and detailed recipes included as well as community interest stories and links to other traditional food knowledge sharing sites.

The Cooking Post

Shares reader submitted Traditional Food recipes as well as some background information about food.

Facts For Kids: Native American Foods

Very basic and general background information about Traditional ways of food gathering and preparation of foods targeted towards school-aged children. Also has recipes and more links for further research.

Traditional Cree Foods

Provides detailed information about traditional foods and preparation. Includes details about preserving (to be pickled) mushrooms, natural flours and flour extenders and natural marinades. Also provides links for further information and discussion.

Food In Every Country

Food information listed by country of origin. Lists traditional foods and recipes, a brief overview of Native American history during colonialism in North America, as well as food during traditional gatherings.

Cooking With the Wolfman!

Provides viewers/readers with the opportunity to try recipes from the TV show Cooking with the Wolfman (APTN); all recipes are made with Traditional foods and may be prepared in a traditional way.

Recipe Source

A site solely dedicated to Traditional Native foods and recipes. Recipes from tribes across North America; to reflect diversity a wide range of recipes are available.

Native Way Cookbook: The Cookbook of the Grandmothers

Website provides information about traditional, contemporary and modern recipes (indexed by region, ingredients) as well as information about plant and herbs, and additional resources.

Mother Earth News

Provides information about green homes, organic gardening, natural health and sustainable farming. As well as information on how to gather specific plants and vegetation.