Understanding Food Labels

Labels hold a lot of information you need to make decisions about what you eat. Learn what some of those nutrients are, what is bad fat vs good fat? How much fibre do I need daily?

Health Canada

Look at food labels to compare products and make wise choices.
Canada's Food Guide provides many tips to help you buy the healthiest choices from each of the food groups. Reading labels can help you decide which products are best for you. This site also includes specific links to vegetables & fruit, grain products, meat & alternatives as well as Milk and alternatives. A very useful tool in accessing what you eat.


Health Canada - Interactive Nutrition Label and Quiz: To help you learn more about the label, Health Canada is pleased to provide an interactive tool called the Interactive Nutrition Label.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Nutrition Labeling Toolkit: This guidance document is intended for use by inspectors of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It may also be used by manufacturers, importers and distributors of food products, and consultants. A great resource for understanding Nutrition labeling and government policies around food labeling.


Healthy Canadians

A good way to make informed, healthy food choices is to follow Canada’s Food Guide. Check the nutrition information on food labels – the Nutrition Facts table, the ingredients list, and the nutritional claims all have valuable information to help you compare products.


Kid's Health - Reading Labels

This website offers kid-friendly instruction on various topics including reading and understanding food labels. A great resource for teaching school-aged children about healthy ways of eating.


Healthy U

Canadian-based website geared to inform Canadians about their healthy living choices.


Pediatrics - About

Food labels provide nutrition facts and information about the foods that your family eats. From the amount of calories, fibre, and total fat grams, to the food's ingredients, the food label is your key to the nutrition information in the foods you provide to your family. This website is aimed to provide information for families about food labels and how to meet the needs of your family daily.


Health Castle

Determining whether a particular food product fits into your healthy diet plan has become easier. In addition to listing the amounts of macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrate including fibre), a food label may also indicate vitamin and mineral content of the product. This provides good information to help a consumer determine if a particular food product meet his or her nutritional needs. This website breaks labels down and provides you with the information needed to make informed decisions.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency

A very detailed website that provides information about food labels; what they need to show the consumer, what everything means and compares labels to what is recommended from the Canada Food Guide.