Ways to Quit

Having trouble finding the right program to help you kick the habit? These resources have great programs and ideas to help you find a way that’s right for you.

Smokers Helpline

The Smokers Helpline gives visitors the phone numbers, online options and even text options to get information and support for your own smoking cessation campaign.


The Canadian Lung Association

The Canadian Lung Association provides outlets for smokers to find a way to quit smoking. Information provided includes where to go for help, starting a quitting program in your community, ways to kick cravings and where to go if you think you need more help.


Healthy Ontario

Healthy Ontario’s website has information to help you find your own method to smoke-free living.


Nicotine Anonymous

This online site for Nicotine Anonymous allows visitors to find meetings, information on facilitating these meetings as well as the 12-steps to quit using nicotine.


Quit Now

Quit Now’s website is a great tool if you’re looking for information on how to get your quitting plan in place. The site provides the readers with lots of resources such as where to find a smoking cessation program near you and downloadable materials covering topics like how to handle your cravings, cost and benefits of quitting and what exactly are ‘Triggers’.



Quit4Life’s online resource is a great place to look for information, health centres, research reports and publications about smoking cessation.


Quitters Unite

A great online resource for people looking to live smoke-free. This interactive website will personalize your own plans, gives you tips to staying on track and avoiding triggers. There is an online chat available to join in the ‘revolution’.


Quit Coach

The Quit Coach is an online interactive quit-smoking aide to assist in smoke-free living. The coach will ask you questions about your smoking habits and recommend the best methods available, tools and tips and strategies for staying smoke-free.


Health Canada

There are many ways to quit smoking and for some it's simple. But many people need help and there are many resources available to help people quit smoking for good. Health Canada’s website may provide you with useful tips on how to get started.


Guide To Psychology

The Guide to Psychology’s website offers some insight into quitting smoking, triggers and cravings.


Help Guide

The Help Guide online resource for quitting smoking is a great place to look over simple tips for getting through your first day as a ‘non-smoker’. There are also sections that provide information about holistic methods such as acupuncture and hypnotism.


I Am A Quitter -CAMH

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recently launched this website to help those with issues they may wish to quit. Smoking Cessation resources, tips and information are provided.


I Quit Online

The I Quit Online web resource is a great place to get started, this site offers how-to guides as well as interactive supports for the added benefits in smoking cessation.


The Stop Smoking Centre

This interactive site offers: A create your own personalized quit program, areas to connect with other quitters who have been where you are and opt in to receive email and text messages or set your quit date and start counting down!


JBI Smoking Cessation Interventions and Strategies

JBI’s PDF publication about interventions and strategies offers an overview of the available methods for smoking cessation.



SmokingZine’s website is an interactive space loaded with information to living smoke-free.