Writing a Proposal

Health Communication Unit- University of Toronto

The THCU’s website offers an online course on how to Effectively Write a Proposal. It can be accessed at any time and is an invaluable resource for frontline health workers looking to broaden their knowledge and get program funds.


This booklet can be used to accompany the online course or can be used as a guideline for writing proposals.


Charity Village

Charity Village has an online course on Proposal Writing at a small cost. Fundraising, grant-seeking and the components of a proposal are explained in great detail. Users have access to the program for 3 months and are able to generate numerous proposals following the easy to understand instructions.



In this section, you'll find articles on writing proposals, retention proposals, understanding the procurement process as well as other useful resources when writing your proposals.


Capture Planning

Capture Planning’s website has great information for writing your proposal. On this page you will find an interactive tool that allows you to generate your own templates with the information you need to include along with details explaining each step. Free of charge to use.


University of Maryland – Education Department

The Education department at the University of Maryland has made some great proposal information available free of charge to site visitors. Examples of cover letters, table of contents, example workshop guidelines and budget justifications are all included.


San Francisco Unified School District

The SFUSD website has this response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) template available for use.


RFP Templates

This site specifically specializes in RFPs templates and contracts their services out. This template toolkit has some excellent information that can be used again and again for various programs. Request for Services, rejection letters, letters of intent, company profile and contact award letter templates are all provided free of charge once the form is filled out. No newsletter sign up is necessary and the toolkit is emailed directly to you.


Northwest Territories

Guidebook for responding to Requests for Proposals. Framework, process, meetings, presentations and sample spread sheets are all provided on the site.


Metis BC Nation

Sample Proposal Checklist: a great resource to use when you’re about to send in your proposal. Did you forget anything?


McMaster University

Quick Guide to Research: How to Write a Good Proposal.


Engineering Centre At the University of Toronto

The proposal is one of the most important forms of writing engineers do.  Successful proposals lead to jobs, products and profit.  Unsuccessful proposals lead nowhere.  This document presents the basics of proposals; goal, audience, structure and use of research.


Contracts Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada has put together a list of effective proposal writing techniques and even shares tips and tricks to getting funded.