Family Resource

What’s needed as we get older? This website details nutrition information and arthritis, menopause, exercises, remedies, chronic illnesses and this site also lists links and resources on other nutrition facts.

Canadian Diabetes Association

Good nutrition and healthy meal planning are vital components of diabetes management. Recognizing the challenges involved in nutrition and diabetes, the Canadian Diabetes Association offers a full breadth of resources and information, including guides, tools, resources and manuals. We provide specific information on special topics such as carbohydrate counting, alcohol, sugars and sweeteners, portion sizes, the Glycemic Index and more.

Department of Health and Senior Services

Health care providers play a crucial role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity habits among our population. This Adult Nutrition toolkit covers some topics such as obesity, diabetes management, getting motivated and your grocery shopping guide.

Meals Matter

This quick assessment will give you personal nutrition recommendations based on your age, gender, activity level, ethnicity, risk for chronic disease and current medical conditions.  This assessment provides your suggested amounts and types of foods per USDA's My Pyramid food guidance system and your total calorie requirement and Body Mass Index (BMI). Recommendations are tailored by conditions such as lactose intolerance, preferences such as vegetarian or supplement use.

Moving and Choosing

Information provided for both adults and older adults (55+) about nutrition, changing diets for illnesses, how to still get you necessary vitamins and minerals and further details about carbs.

Kraft Canada - Nutrition Update

Information for active adults on how to maintain a physically active lifestyle.

Gender and Health

Various topics include changing nutritional needs, active living and how to get the necessary nutrients from food while living in poverty.