Canning Foods - Eat Right Ontario

Information about already canned food; how safe is it? Recent product recall, FAQ's and links to other sources of information.

Canning Foods

Tips on how to properly can foods, also has areas for specific canning (fruits, tomatoes, beans etc) Also has detailed information about the types of bacteria that need to be killed during process of canning to preserve foods properly.

Home Canning

Step by step guides to canning your foods, recipes, newsletter distribution, as well as areas to purchase canning products if needed.

Successful Home Canning

Information about canning foods, how, where to buy jars, getting started; step by step guides and a list of user-submitted recipes.

Farm & A Frying Pan

Humorous ways these writers learned how to Can fruits and spreads. Includes recipes, links, resources, and general cooking tips that you won't find in a cookbook.

Home Family - Making Jams and Spreads

Breaks down the jarring process; definitions, getting started, ingredients, recipes, links and troubleshooting areas to assess errors when they happen.

Pioneer Thinking - Preserving Jellies and Jams

Details on how to properly jar and create your own natural spreads and jellies. Includes some recipes, easy to read instructions and links for additional resources.