Drying, Curing, Smoking

Monster Guide - How to Smoke Meat

Descriptions of different methods used to smoke meats as well as recipes and links to other useful information.


Smoking your own Chilli peppers

Information on how to smoke your own chilli peppers. Recipes may also be altered to smoke other vegetables.


Smoking Meat

Information on how to smoke your own meat; there are also other links for smoking other foods like cheese, different methods used to smoke and recipes to try.


Smoking Cheese

Easy steps on how to smoke your own cheese from the comfort of home.


National Centre for Home Food Preservation

Background information on curing and smoking different types of meats in the home as well as different methods; dry, salt and with no fridge.


How to Cure and Smoke Your Own Meats

Information and steps to curing and smoking your own meat in the comfort of your home.


About.com - Curing and Smoking Meats

Different recipes for smoking and curing meats. Also many links provided for further research.


How to Dehydrate Foods

Includes user-submitted questions for drying meat and making jerky.


WikiHow - How to Make Jerky

This page has information on how to properly make beef-jerky. This recipe can also be modified when called for deer or moose meat, etc.